Rampulla​'s Martial Arts
Okinawan Karate-Do Ryukyu Te

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New location
Cedarvale Park Rec Center

Basic Karate Program

All beginners start here.Our Basic Karate Program designed to teach our students the basic fundamentals of our Karate system. As each student progresses to new belts they will be taught our more advanced curriculum of techniques, Kata and Self Defense. -2 classes per week

Advanced Karate Program

Our optional Advanced Karate Program is for students that have achieved Orange belt and are looking for an additional challenge to increase their skills and knowledge with weapons training. -10% discount for additional family member

Parent Membership

Special parent membership. If you have a child in our Basic or Advanced Karate Program. Includes:-Same benefits as the child’s membership-Special price only available while child continues in the Basic or Advanced program.-

Train with some of the best Black Belts in Ontatio